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When you come to Hanoi for working, You will need the accommodation for you and your family. It is helpful that you find an real estate agent in Hanoi to help you finding the right property and taking care of property and show up right when your property has problems.

There are some differences between the Hanoi real agents:

Real estate companies, real estate offices and individual real estate agents:

  • Foreign owned  Real estate companies in Hanoi:  Due to their limitedness in dealing with Vietnamese landlords  and the difficulties in helping tenants settling down the problems arising in the  properties during their lease, They care most on selling projects, managing the commercial buildings and office buildings. The residential sector is not the focus of the foreign companies. They just take care of serviced apartments… As when the customers signed the contract. The owner of the serviced properties will take care of the customers and the properties  lease – long .
  • The Vietnamese owned Real estate companies: with the strength in understanding of the local market and the ease in contact and communication with the local landlords, they focus on residential leasing. Most of the companies work honestly to compete with each other and gain customers. The office leasing is also a strong area of local companies but the management business is the area just for foreign owned companies.
  • Real estate offices:

The scale of real estate offices in Hanoi is smaller than a company. They normally have 5 to 7 people in total. They mainly do the residential leasing . In general they all try to give good services to customers but their problems only lie in the manpower to server customers lease-long.

  • Individual real estate agents: Many people work as an agent themselves.


The real estate agents in Hanoi share the same housing data, So it is normally that you see the properties with the fist agent , you may see the same ones with the second agent.

At TANLONG PROPERTY Co., Ltd We highly focus on the services for customers during their lease duration. 

Understanding of  the difficulties as:  Electricity network, water system, surroundings, house assistants, pests and insects.., Our timely presence  and quick solutions to the  problems at your properties is the  difference of our company .

Our structure:

  1. Management board:
  2. Sales Department:
  3. Housing Department
  4. Service Dept: repair, maintenance,  pest-control, maid introductions, emergency support 24/24 hr.
  5. Admin and accounting Dept

With 10 years in business and  the offices in West lake ( Tay ho) District and My dinh , Tu liem District, We are able to provide you the good housing services around Hanoi .

Good settlement for greater success !

Tan Long Property Co., Ltd


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